Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Share your learning and experience is the best way to Travel!

One thing that i really love doing is tranferring my knowledge and sharing my experience to others.

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to be with group of doctors, nurses and staff for their team building activity.

I spent my weekend at Sarong Banggi Resort in Sto.Domingo,Albay where I was invited to give a workshop on Customer Service and facilitate their Team Building Activity.

It was a lot of fun despite the stress and workload. Im very thankful to kuya Felix for accepting the challenge to be my co-facilitator and to Ace too for helping. Special thanks to Ebouy,
my younger sister for showing her usual support through her assistance as runner and documentator.

Being part of activities like this makes me feel the rush of excitement... It's like taking a dose of energy for it keeps me alert and alive especially when I think that other people will somehow learn from me... Also, just the thought
of traveling and spending my weekend in a new place is more than enough to make me say yes!

So next time you have a team building activity or simply need a resource person, send me an email and i'll be happy to hear from you!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Magnum. The question is if it's worth your 50pesos?

Few weeks ago, there was a great buzz about the newly launched Ice Cream in the Philippines. Endorsed by big stars, it even trended on Twitter.

Magnum! The ice cream that made a lot of issues, from its flavor, pricing to social class war.

Some reports claim that it is overpriced for an ice cream. They say that it should only be sold at around 15 pesos and not 50. Critics also say that Magnum's key ingridient is 10% ice cream and 90% status quo. What can you say?

Before this issue, I was able to read in a Yahoo article that Magnum's target market are those who love high quality chocolates and somehow the pricing philosopy is that if this target market can afford to buy a cup of coffee for Php 150, why not an ice cream at Php 50?

Oh well, i was just a mere observer until today, when I finally get to taste one. Yes, i bought Magnum and I like the richness of chocolate. Well, i love almonds too! To be honest, for me it tasted like Hershey's Kisses. It's creamier and tastes so good compared to other chocolate coated ice cream. For the price? Well, you be the judge!

Instagram is Love! App that you'll love too!

I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about Instagram from my friends since last year but I didnt bother to download it until a few days ago and dear, i'm lovin' it! Well, kinda addicted to it!

Instagram is a free app available for download both for iOS and Android users. I love it despite its limited options because its very easy to use. Just take your photo or use one from your album and its ok. Then use what effect you like best and share it!

Yes! Aside from editing your photo, you also have the option to share it to various social networking sites such as tumblr, facebook and twitter.

Editing and sharing photos has never beem this easy! Download this app now!

For travelers and photo bugs like me, for sure you'll love adding some effect and drama to your photos!

Here are some of my instagram photos.